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NOTICE: Entries for the 27th WAITTA INCITE Awards will be open in December 2017. Information on this site is for information purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on this page is no longer current.

New information will be available in December 2017.


Q: Our company has developed a product specifically for a client.  Can we enter the INCITE Awards, or does the client have to enter?

A: Either approach is possible. You are welcome to nominate your company and use your client as a referee, or you can submit a joint nomination.  The Incite Awards celebrate great partnerships and innovative applications of technology, so we actively encourage the end user to nominate for an award.

Q: If I have previously entered the Incite Awards - can I enter again?

A: Previous WAITTA winners are not eligible to nominate the same product or project in the same category.  If you haven’t won you can certainly enter again.

Any innovation which has won an iAward in the previous three years is ineligible to proceed further as an iAwards national finalist.

Q: Our Customer is based overseas, but the solution was created in Western Australia - am I still eligible to enter?

A: Yes.  At least 51% of product development efforts including research, development and design must have taken place in WA.

Q: While we own the IP to the industry specific code we have developed, our solution also uses some Open Source IP.  Can we still enter?

A: Yes.  Providing you own the IP of the design and solution, this can be based on open source code or other platforms.

Q: Can I submit multiple submissions for my company?

A: Yes.  Companies may submit multiple entries for the Incite Awards program, either for the same category or across different categories.

Q: I would like to enter the same product in two group categories, can I do this?

A: As long as the product meets the criteria for that category, you are able to enter it into multiple categories.  You will need to pay for each entry and complete the specific nomination form for each category.  To save time, you can copy and edit your application for the second category.

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Q: How do I enter the INCITE Awards?

A: The Incite Awards is a self-nomination process.  To enter the Incite Awards, you register as a user on the Incite Awards system, then complete the online application form with all the required details.  You can do this in several stages and update your application up to the closing time.

Q: Is there a fee to nominate in the Incite Awards program?

A: The application fees help offset the cost of running the Incite Awards program.  The fees are as follows:

• Start-up category - $150 (plus GST)

• Other categories - $300 (plus GST) per entry.

• Tertiary Student, Achiever and Pearcey categories - no fee

You must complete the payment before the deadline for your entry to be included in the judging process.  You may continue to edit your entry after the payment is made, up to the closing time.  Fees are payable online by credit card through the Incite Awards system.

Q: What are the selection criteria for the INCITE Awards?

A: The online nomination form provides specific fields for each of the relevant selection criteria.  In addition, there are some 'open' fields where you are encouraged to highlight the inspirational and innovative aspects of your nomination.

Q: What content will the Judges be expecting to see in the general sections on the nomination form?


This is a very brief overview of your company/group and your solution/project/product.  It should briefly identify who you are, what the product/solution/project does and why it's innovative/unique.  If you are successful, this text will be used in the program at the Incite Awards Gala Presentation Dinner so it should be a concise overview that let’s readers know who you are and what the product/solution/project is.


This section you need to provide an overview of the nominee - yourself, your company or your team.  If this is a joint submission, include both companies.


This section should focus solely on the specifics of the product/solution/project being entered.  Summarising its innovation, features, marketability, value and/or other key attributes.

FINAL PITCH (100 words)

Your final opportunity to explain why you deserve to be the winner of this award.

Q: Do I need to supply supporting material?

A: You are requested to attach a high and low resolution of your logo and we encourage you to supply supporting material - online demonstrations, brochures, user interviews, etc.  Material may be supplied as files, upload JPEGS or PDF files.  A maximum of five pieces can be uploaded with your entry (in addition to the logos).  Also links, video attachments and website URLs.

Q: How much is ‘too much’ information?

A: Word limits are specified, it is important that you keep to these word limits.

Q: Quality (technology, methodology, packaging and recognition) - what does this mean?

A: The 'quality’ selection criteria measures whether the product:

• shows a good deployment of the latest technology

• satisfies the ISO / CMM standards

• has a degree of compliance with any requirements of its target usage

• has won awards locally, regionally or internationally; and/or

• has consistently proven to be a stable and reliable product by users.

This does not apply to all categories - please check the relevant category page.

Q: How much detail do I need to reveal around the IP in order to demonstrate the innovation?

A: We appreciate the sensitivity around IP and recommend you use your discretion as to commercial risk in revealing your innovation.  If you’re selected as a finalist you will present to the judging panel and they may ask specific questions if they require further information.

Q: Who should my referees be?

A: You will need to provide details of two independent referees (clients or end-users) who may be contacted in relation to your nomination.  It is essential that the two referees nominated are end-users of your product or service and from another organisation if relevant (i.e. not from the submitter's development or marketing team).  You are advised to ensure that both your referees are available and ready to provide a reference for you.

Q: When will my referees be contacted?

A: Lead judges will contact referees during the shortlisting phase of judging.

Q: How can I prepare our referees?

A: We recommend you send a copy of your submission to your referees so they are aware of your claims in your nomination and they can support this in their reference.

Q: What is the deadline for submissions?

A: Submissions close on 16 March 2017.  This date is final and there will be no extensions provided.  You may edit your entry after submitting and paying the fee, up until the entry deadline.

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Q: Will the judges do their own independent investigations of the organisation, or will they only consider information provided in the application?

A: All judging will be based on the written submission provided.  Judges will not conduct independent investigations beyond publically accessible material such as your website, news or other online references.  They will also use the referees as a verification of the information you provide in your submission.

Q: Do Judges provide feedback on our submissions?

A: Judges are expressly forbidden to provide any comment or feedback to the nominator concerning the strength or shortcomings of their submission during the entire judging process, including the period before judging, during judging, and even after judging has been completed.

Q: When will I find out if I’m selected as a Finalist?

A: After submissions close on 16 March the Phase One of Judging commences.  Finalists will be announced on 7 April 2017.

Q: What happens next if I’m selected as a Finalist?

A: You’re required to make a presentation to the panel of judges.  This takes place during the week of 3-9 May 2017.  The venue is currently being finalised.

Q: How long should my presentation at the face to face judging be?

A: The presentation format is as follows:

• Set-up - 5 minutes

• Presentation - 20 minutes

• Questions from the Judges - 10 minutes

• Pack-up - 5 minutes

Q: As a teacher, can I present on behalf of my students?

A: In the case of the Student categories, teachers and professors are NOT permitted to present on their behalf.  The presenter must be the nominee, or part of the submission team if there was more than one student involved.

Q: How many people from our team must participate in the face to face judging?

A: Your entire team is not required - you may have a single presenter, but there is no limit on the number of presenters.  You should consider the complimentary strengths of your team when developing your presentation strategy.

Q: If we Win an INCITE Award or are selected as a National Finalist, do we have to travel to Melbourne for the National judging?

A: You do not have to travel to Melbourne for the judging - video conferencing facilities are available.  However, an in-person presentation is much more impressive and enables the judges to gain a much better insight into your innovation.  It will also enable you to take part in the broader iAwards program, network with other finalists, judges and investors, and be present to collect your iAward if you win.

Q: Does the original applicant have to attend the National face to face judging?

A: The presenter at National judging must be part of the original submission team.  They do not have to be the same presenter, the 'lead person' or the main contact name on the submission form.

Q: Do Secondary Students take part in the National judging in Melbourne?

A: Yes, secondary students will be required to present in person, as with all other Awards categories.

Q: How many people from our team must participate in the National judging?

A: Your entire team is not required - you may have a single presenter, or up to 4 people from your team.  You should consider the complimentary strengths of your team when developing your presentation strategy.

Q: How long should my presentation at the National face to face judging be?

A: The presentation format is as follows:

• Set-up - 5 minutes

• Presentation - 15 minutes

• Questions from the Judges - 10 minutes

• Pack-up - 5 minutes

Q: When is the National iAwards judging?

A: Judging will be held in Melbourne in late August 2017 (subject to change)

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Q: When will I find out if I am a winner?

A: Winners and National finalists are announced at the WAITTA INCITE Awards Gala Presentation Dinner.  This is being held on Friday, 16 June 2017 at Hyatt Regency Perth.

Q: What do I receive if I am an INCITE Award Winner?

A: INCITE Awards Winners will receive:

• INCITE Award trophy and certificate

• INCITE Award winner logo, for use in your publicity materials and website

• Entry into the National iAwards or ACS Digital Disruptor Awards

Q. If I am successful and win an Incite Award, am I required to make a speech?

A: If you are successful and are called up to accept your award, you’re welcome to make a short speech.  Photographs will also be taken.

Q. How do I book tickets for the Incite Awards Gala Presentation Dinner?

A: Bookings are not currently open.  Information will be provided to all finalists and will be available on the WAITTA Incite Awards website www.inciteawards.org.au

Q. How much does it cost to attend the Incite Awards Gala Presentation Dinner?

A: Tables are set for 8 but can be extended to 9 or 10.  Individual seats can also be purchased.  
For example, in 2016 the ticket prices were:  $180 per person, $120 per full-time student and $1440 per table of 8.  Plus GST.

Q: What is the dress code for the Incite Awards Gala Presentation Dinner?

A: Formal / Black Tie optional

Q: Where is the National iAwards Gala Dinner being hosted?

A: Normally this is held in August/September in Melbourne.

Q: Where is the National ACS Digital Disruptors Awards Gala Dinner being hosted?

A: Normally this is held in November in Sydney.

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