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29th INCITE Awards winner – CASA – continues to receive WA IT industry recognition

In 2020, the Industry Project of the Year category winner for the 29th INCITE Awards went to TerraVision’s CASA. 

CASA (Comms Availability Spatial Analysis) helps mobile network operators and consumers alike better understand the performance metrics of any mobile network or communications infrastructure platform.

Since their participation and win with the INCITE Awards, TerraVision and its CASA innovation has been receiving recognition within the WA IT industry, furthering their focus on accessible and powerful digital communications. 

We talk to Nathan Clifford – Managing Director of TerraVision – for more updates about their 29th INCITE Awards journey. 

INCITE Awards: Why did TerraVision enter the INCITE Awards?

Nathan:  We saw it as a great opportunity to promote our technical development and abilities amongst a showcase of exceptional companies and organisations. 

INCITE Awards: What were the highlights of being part of the INCITE Awards? 

Nathan:  The exposure we received to the larger West Australian IT industry was exceptional. This has led to some really positive organic business leads as a result.

The opportunity to pitch and present our development to a showcase of industry experts, and receive their feedback was extremely valuable.

INCITE Awards: Why do you think WA innovators should enter the Awards?

Nathan:  The opportunity to showcase your IT development to a broader community not necessarily reached organically is so valuable. If you’re serious about your development making an impact in W.A, then the exposure you will receive through the award process should not be overlooked.

INCITE Awards: What exciting things should we look out for from TerraVision in 2021?

Nathan:  Our system innovation CASA has grown significantly to now merge with a new communications development; TerraVision Zetel – Communications built from the ground up for Mining. TerraVision Zetel along with CASA are gaining rapid traction in the Australian Mining Industry.

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