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A deeper look into SWAN Systems Innovation – Startup of the Year Award winner in 2018.

We’re so excited to be partnering with digital and innovations advocates – If Innovation Could Talk – to further showcase the remarkable stories of WA technology that’s diversifying our economy, connecting our community and finding sustainable solutions to global problems.

If Innovation Could Talk has started to interview The INCITE Awards’ finalists, winners and key stakeholders to discover more how their technology is helping us do things better, faster and in the case of this upcoming interview, more sustainably.

Meet  Angie Kings-Lynne of SWAN Systems – an agritech company who was The INCITE Awards‘ Startup of the Year winner in 2018.

SWAN Systems helps the agriculture sector navigate unpredictable weather conditions, strict environmental compliance and challenging economic factors with their data stream technology.

In this interview, Eva Chye – Co-Founder of If Innovation Could Talk – talk to Angie about:

“Have you thought of #innovation as a compound interest since it can build on itself and lead to even better innovation in an exponential way?”

Check out the interview!

Thanks to our Podcast Partner, If Innovation Could Talk, for the opportunity to work together and further showcase innovation that lives here in WA.