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INCITE Ambassador Lan Tran shares her passion for innovation

You probably would have met, talked to, shared a story or heard about our energetic and passionate INCITE Ambassador, Lan Tran.

As the Chief Business Officer for Ninja Software, Lan plays many crucial roles – marketing, sales, business development, stakeholder engagement, mentoring – and of course there’s also the outside of work commitments in helping to put a spotlight on local innovation and technology.

We speak to Lan as she shares her love for WA technology and why she thinks it is so important to support, showcase and share its challenges, successes and opportunities.

Question: Why are you interested in supporting and showcasing WA technology and innovation?

Lan: We are an innovative state full of very smart people, ideas and invention. But it has often been the case of the sound of one hand clapping in the woods for many organisations drowned out by the public appetite and perception of else-where tech being better.

The winners recognised through 30 years of INCITE Awards is proof of our tech capability.This is why you will find me supporting and showcasing WA technology and innovation.

Question: What future goals would you like to see when it comes to WA technology?

Lan: My wish is for our State and Local Government to actively invest in the current and future of WA economy from the ground up. An obvious starting point is to support WA technology through more grants and funding as is the case of State Government policies in NSW, VIC and SA.

Also review our existing education model in preparing the next generation for the future of work. I want the world to look towards tech in WA as an obvious investment opportunity.

Question: Why did you decide to become an INCITE Ambassador?

Lan: I had been actively involved in both The Game Changer Awards and INCITE Awards previously as Sponsorship Chair and can understand the ongoing challenge of raising awareness and fundings to continue these types of events that have had massive impact in the long run for our economy.

As an Ambassador I could be part of the cohort of leaders who shares my belief in supporting and promoting tech startups within our own network.

Question: What advice have you got for any of our local innovators looking to start something or grow their innovation?

Lan: I have a few point of advice I’d like to share:

  1. Plug into existing organisations promoting  innovation, eg. INCITE Awards, Game Changer Awards or WiTWA, to see if you have the capacity to contribute as a committee member; and/or participate – go to these events – know your tribe; and/or share their messages across your network.
  2. Look at INCITE Awards as a platform to promote your innovation. Your innovation could be the next iiNet (a previous winner of INCITE Awards).
  3. Make your business accessible across legitimate business platforms, eg. get your details listed on Business News BNiQ.
  4. Most importantly, be a mentor to others who are seeking your advice.

Thank you Lan for your support, not only for the INCITE Awards but also for your advocacy and passion for WA technology.