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Smarter Communities

This award recognises and celebrates an outstanding digital and/or technological solution created or based in WA that demonstrates enabling, improving and sustaining smarter communities. This category combines
world-class visions and strategies to achieve economic, social and cultural improvements with the integration of digital and technology projects, products, solutions and services that deliver smarter, better connected communities with.

Social Impact

This award recognises an outstanding digital and/or technology solution created in or based in WA that best improved mankind’s health, welfare, education and/or deliver a positive social impact. It breaks down barriers to
health, education, social impact and/or entertainment.

Startup of the Year

For outstanding digital innovation by a Western Australia-based company in the start-up phase of development.

Innovating Government

This award recognises an outstanding ICT solution created in WA that is dedicated to innovating government and providing improved government service delivery or other digital and/or technology initiatives by reducing internal costs or delivering better services to the public, citizens and communities in an innovative and impactful manner.

Transformative Business Solutions

This award recognises and celebrates an outstanding digital and/or technological business solutions created or based in WA for smart processes and business solutions that support smarter process in an innovative and collaborative manner, delivering and transforming businesses with high levels of productivity and competitiveness.

Research & Innovation Project of the Year

Research and Innovation constitutes the first stages of development of a potential new service or product by individuals, the community, industry and academia. The award includes digital research development activities undertaken in developing novel/”new to market” services or products or improving existing services or products within Western Australia.

Peter Fillery Best Undergraduate Tertiary Student Project of the Year

This award recognises the most outstanding ICT project undertaken by a Western Australia-based tertiary undergraduate student or group of students, (registered as active undergraduate student in a higher-learning institution, such as a college or university); NB: Tertiary postgraduate students or group of students (undertaking either coursework or research Masters, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral programs) are not eligible, but may enter the “Research and Innovation” Category.

Dr. Mal Bryce WA Tech Company of the Year

This award recognises the diverse economy in Western Australia and the positive impact of technology in the State. The Dr Mal Bryce WA Tech Company of the Year is a leader in the industry, making an outstanding contribution to the diverse economy of Western Australia, standing in its own right while changing and transforming industry. Note: The award excludes businesses deriving its main revenue from delivering personal/professional services such as technology development consulting.

Pearcey Western Australian Entrepreneur of the Year

The Pearcey Western Australian Entrepreneur Award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Western Australian ICT Industry. It is aimed at finding an outstanding entrepreneur who has “taken a risk”, “made a difference” and “is an inspiration”.

The Award is aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT and digital media professions. It is awarded to an individual mid- career who has demonstrated innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution in their chosen industry. The winner will be drawn from contributors across all aspects of the ICT industry including (but not limited to) computing science, the internet, communications, social media and networking, interactive media, games and the like. The idea is to embrace all those younger professionals in the ICT sector and not exclude anyone. The individual should be one who will act as a role model for others to acknowledge and hopefully emulate.

Nominations for this award may be made with or without the knowledge of the person being nominated. Only the winner of this category will be announced at the INCITE Awards.

Achiever of the Year

The Achiever of the Year award is the INCITE Awards peak award and recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to the ICT industry in WA. Nominees may include a Western Australian educator who has shown excellence in ICT education and demonstrated exceptional outcomes for both students and employers. Past winners include IS managers, academics and persons who have built significant ICT organisations in WA.

Nominations for this award may be made with or without the knowledge of the person being nominated. Only the winner of this category will be announced at the Awards.

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