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Big Data Innovation Used to Better Understand WA’s Water Use

An innovative project by the Water Corporation and Optika Solutions, is delivering H2OME – the world’s most advanced water use study.

Water Corporation General Manager of Assets Planning and Delivery Evan Hambleton has been leading the development of H2OME.

The project focuses on using big data, cloud computing and predictive analytics.

Water Corporation will use the analytics to turn water demand data into actionable insights. From the insights the Water Corporation will explore alternative urban growth features in Perth.

“The technology and methods behind H2OME allow us to move from only viewing residential water consumption,” Evan explained.

“Besides seeing a series of point-in-time snapshots, we can now visualise a much more complete picture.”

Insights from the analytics have already helped Water Corporation to make more informed decisions. Water Corporation is continually working with Optika Solutions to progressively deliver data through the first year of the study.

“Because these insights translate into direct actions we can influence positive change in the short to medium term,” said Evan.

“As a result, we have addressed common leaks found in homes during the study and the shifting demand for water use.”

Water Corporation’s H2OME’s innovation was recently awarded the WAITTA Incite Award’s Most Effective Government Solution title.

The INCITE Awards is WA’s independent, premier awards event for innovation in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

“Ultimately the greatest benefits of H2OME will be the ability to support the water demands of Perth’s future urban form, through better long term capital infrastructure planning,” explained Evan.

“Now, we are working to make H2OME’s predictive analysis system scaleable across the globe to support other cities in need of addressing water security.”