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A chat with INCITE Ambassador Tracey Wilkinson

As the WA Director of Stakeholder Engagement for MTPConnect – a pharma and medtech growth centre – INCITE Ambassador, Tracey Wilkinson is responsible for building up the WA MTP sector’s capabilities and capacities in business development and commercialisation.

Tracey’s work drives initiatives that attract investment and grow innovation and trade, linking WA into major national and international initiatives.

We had a chat with Tracey to discuss her passion for innovation and what she would like to see for WA technology in the future.

Question: Why are you interested in supporting and showcasing WA technology and innovation?

Tracey: I love seeing innovative new ideas progress into reality; new products or services that have a positive impact on lives and livelihoods.

Question: What future goals would you like to see when it comes to WA technology?

Tracey: I’d like to see a change in the narrative that we’re only good at digging minerals out of the ground. I’d also love to see technologies developed for the mining sector, esp in remote monitoring, adapted for other industries, health/medical and space especially.

Question: Why did you decide to become an INCITE Ambassador?

Tracey: To encourage innovators to take up the opportunity to showcase their technology in WA and beyond.

Question: What advice have you got for any of our local innovators looking to start something or grow their innovation?

Tracey: Innovation is a team sport!

Thank you Tracey for your support for the INCITE Awards.