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Congratulations to our iAwards 2020 Finalists

The INCITE Awards Committee congratulates the WA finalists who are our finalists for the 2020 iAwards.

WAITTA and the INCITE Awards have been working with the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) for more than 27 years. The INCITE Awards provides the pathway for WA local innovators to enter the iAwards and have their technology showcases on the national level. 

The iAwards recognises and rewards excellence in Australian innovation that is making a difference and has the potential to create positive change for the community – whether this is at home, in the office or on a global scale.

We are pleased to share the finalists and wish them luck at the iAwards virtual event on Tuesday 17 November 2020. If you would like to cheer on our finalists, you can buy tickets now for the virtual event.

Our WA Finalists for 2020 iAwards

Senior entries

  • Modis for One Force Locate: One Force Locate technology, providing near real-time visibility of police officers’ locations across the world’s largest policing jurisdiction.
  • Intelicare for Intelicare Smart Home: InteliCare Smart Home monitoring that uses AI to support seniors and people with disabilities to live safely and confidently in their homes.
  • ParentAssist: The probelm we are adressing is that parents in society feel overhwhelmed and stressed due to the busyness of their children’s lives. It is an app where parents can hire other parents, babysitters and aupairs to provide drives for their children to and from school, before and after school care, meal prep, transport to extracurricular activities and homework.
  • Como Secondary College for FoodUnity: We are adressing the problem of food insecurity in Australia, and how it has grown into such a big problem especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our app allows people to donate conveniently to people that are in need of food, and this is very impactful to the people that are getting the food received because it helps them have a secure way of actually getting food that they need for dinner. There are many people in Australia that find it hard to have a decent meal because of a low-paying job, or that they are unemployed or all the money goes towards things like; their children and their bills. So it makes it very difficult to purchase food, however through our app, people are able to directly help each other through donating items. People that are in need will be able to simply go to the store, pick off the items of the shelf, and provide verification through our app to the store that they have been donated those items.

Undergraduate Tertiary Student entries

  • Dior Etherton for 3D Reconstruction of Abnormal Viscera: Improving the way in which a patient is managing the ongoing symptoms of situs ambiguus.
  • Luke Spartallis for EVRW: EVRW – Educational and Virtual Reality Welding – a virtual reality training device that provides a learning environment for people to acquire the safety knowledge, skills and understanding of the physical task of welding metal.
  • TerraVision for CASA: CASA (Comms Availability Spatial Analysis), helping mobile network operators and consumers alike better understand the performance metrics of any mobile network or communications infrastructure platform.

Public Sector and Government entries

  • Kinetic IT for Protect +: Kinetic IT provides tailored recommendations that result in a stronger security posture for our customers. We employ specialist security knowledge and insights to make sense of the noise around cyber threats and drive actionable change.
  • Node One for Node One Internet: Node One Internet is creating 20,000 kilometres of Fixed Wireless network coverage for remote communities and agriculture businesses in Western Australia.

Community Services entries

  • PetRescue: PetRescue for their Australian first pioneering national pet adoption platform with a mission to help save lives of rescue unnoticed pets by connecting rescue organisation with adopters.
  • Intelicare for Ageing in Place AI Platform: A mobile app providing family members and carers a non-invasive, real time view of their loved ones’behavious and real time alerts if behaviours change.
  • Markr: Markr allows the publication of virtual information anywhere in the world with markr through a content management system with information, links and images.

Business Services

  • TOKN Technology: for their Digital Transformation without Disruption to get powerful mobile apps, connecting your data, across all devices.

Startup of the Year

  • SpaceDraft: SpaceDraft for their cloud based web application designed to help anyone create & share a common ‘mind’s eye’understanding of how any space (virtual or physical) can change over time.
  • The Uno Group: The Uno Group for comining the best of human and artificial intelligence, to bring consumer trends in the form of receipt data to life and translating raw data into actionable insights for businesses.