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Petra Vanessie

Petra Vanessie

June 13, 2020

Curtin University is a Gold supporter of the 29th Lateral INCITE Awards. As innovators themselves, Curtin has embarked on a 20-year master plan to create “Greater Curtin”, which will see Curtin Perth, transformed into a major innovation precinct in the Asia-Pacific region.

Engineering Pavillion

The spacious, $32.5 million Curtin Engineering Complex is designed to help engineering students collaborate with industry and academics.


The HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) lets humanities students interact with realistic panoramas and 3D virtual worlds using four large-scale visualisation systems.

Simulated Hospital Ward

The innovative setting supports interactive technologies and houses simulation rooms that mimic acute medical and surgical areas, a critical care area and a paediatric area.

Stock Market Trading Room

Simulating a real-life business environment with 20 Bloomberg Professional licenses and Wall Street inspired terminals, the Stock Market Trading Room immerses business students in the premier source of financial data.

Innovation Central Perth

In July 2015, Curtin collaborated with Woodside and Cisco to open the Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centre, now called Innovation Central Perth.

The Square Kilometre Away

The Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy is a key player in the development of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project to develop the world’s largest radio telescope by 2025, which will be around 50 times more sensitive than present instruments.


In 2020, we’re pleased to announce finalists from Curtin, in 4 categories, including:

Visitor Estimation through Passive Wireless Tracking Analytics

Innovation which provides an automatic estimation of visitors for Government councils to make informed decisions on city planning, place marketing, and tourism strategies.

Quoll ! Quoll

Innovation to detect and monitor the endangered Northern Quoll and a range of other species.

3D Reconstruction of Abnormal Viscera

Technology improving the way in which a patient is managing the ongoing symptoms of situs ambiguus.

EXP Medical Imaging Tablet Application

A tablet application allowing the exposure of x-ray patients through simulation, allowing students to practice without including harmful radiation on a subject.


Congratulations Curtin University on the finalists status for the 2020 Awards. We look forward to continually showcasing the innovation that comes out of Curtin and lives here in our WA state.

Petra Vanessie

Petra Vanessie

INCITE Marketing Manager