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DigiiSocial recognised as a social impact startup of merit with INCITE Awards

In 2020, a WA startup took out our first ever People’s Choice Awards, was a finalist for the 29th INCITE Awards and unanimously won the hearts of our Pitchfest judges with their digital solution.

Of course if you followed last year’s Awards’ journey you might have guessed we are talking about DiGiiSocial!

DiGiiSocial is an online school-based subscription, aligned to the national curriculum, to teach children the skills to stand ‘DiGiiTALL’

Since the 29th Awards, DiGiiSocial has continued to innovate and support our youth as they embark on their digital and social media journeys. 

We talked to Claire Orange – Founder of DiGiiSocial – recently to talk about the startup’s INCITE Awards journey last year, and how it has helped to strengthen their commercialisation in 2021. 

INCITE Awards: Why did you enter the INCITE Awards?

Claire:  The INCITE awards gave DiGii Social a unique opportunity to be showcased and recognised as a social impact startup of merit.

INCITE Awards: What were the highlights of being part of the INCITE Awards?

Claire:  From the application process through to pitching and progressing through rounds, every experience meant carefully defining, honing and polishing our message. This provided a unique opportunity in our busy business life to learn how to communicate our value proposition and to have that seen and upheld by others.

In a year of having to be highly adaptable, it was also an awesome opportunity to watch the INCITE Awards team flexing and adjusting to allow nominees to participate fully. Inspiring.

INCITE Awards: Why do you think WA innovators should take part in the INCITE Awards?

Claire:  Putting WA tech on the map matters – from whichever sector it originates. Entering the INCITE Awards gives all founders – and in my case, female founders an opportunity to shine and to showcase their innovation and pursuit of excellence. 

Participating in the INCITE Awards was an incredible opportunity for our early stage startup. To win the Pitchfest and to proceed through to the finals was a real endorsement of our product, our passion to do good and our ability to measure up to other established tech companies.

INCITE Awards: What innovations will we see from DigiiSocial in 2021?

Claire:  DiGii Social has launched commercially, we’ve grown our team, we’ve got interest from international schools and a school using the platform in the UK. We’re currently closing an investment round and looking to grow our presence in the eastern states.

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