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Exposure, market feedback and “pitch perfect” for 29th INCITE Awards winner, TOKN Technology

TOKN Technology wowed the INCITE Awards judges in 2020 with their innovation entry – Digital Transformation without Disruption. 

The Perth based software development company is focused on delivering enterprise software offering mobility solutions that free your business to manage workflows and develop apps the way you want.

Their 29th INCITE Awards entry was a native cloud toolset that gives businesses the functionality to connect their systems and data with templates created across all devices. 

Digital Transformation without Disruption was the winner of the Transformative Business Solution category at the 29th INCITE Awards and a WA finalist for the iAwards.

We talk to TOKN Technology about why they entered the 29th INCITE Awards, what they’ve gained from the experience and what exciting innovation they are working on next!

INCITE Awards: Why did you enter the INCITE Awards?

TOKN Technology: As the leading tech awards in WA, we saw the INCITE Awards as the perfect opportunity to gain exposure for the TOKN Product, whilst also receiving the opportunity for feedback from our peers in the tech industry.

INCITE Awards: What have been the highlights of being part of the INCITE Awards? 

TOKN Technology: Winning! Plus, with the opportunity to develop a strong pitch for the awards, we were able to better define the TOKN product and present it in a clear and concise way.  Additionally, being able to see all the amazing innovations that are currently coming out of our great state was a definite highlight!

INCITE Awards: Why do you think WA tech companies and innovators should enter the INCITE Awards?

TOKN Technology: It gives you an opportunity to improve your business pitch in general, while also giving your company great exposure which can be priceless.

INCITE Awards: What exciting thing/s is TOKN working on for the 2021 year?

TOKN Technology: We are very excited to be releasing TOKN Sense – our innovative and market leading IoT technology that harnesses the power of sensor data and uses it to improve efficiencies across various business units.

Thanks TOKN Technology for taking the time to share with us your INCITE Awards journey. Find out more about their work at