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A deeper look into SWAN Systems Innovation – Startup of the Year Award winner in 2018.

If Innovation Could Talk - Swan Systems

We’re so excited to be partnering with digital and innovations advocates – If Innovation Could Talk – to further showcase the remarkable stories of WA technology that’s diversifying our economy, connecting our community and finding sustainable solutions to global problems. If Innovation Could Talk has started to interview The INCITE Awards’ finalists, winners and key stakeholders to […]

Local virtual information innovation makes a mark within the WA community


Markr – a WA based tech company that uses augmented reality to create and publish virtual information anywhere in the world – was introduced to many of us at the 20th Lateral INCITE Awards.  A merit award recipient for the Smarter Communities category, Markr went on to be a WA finalist for the iAwards in […]

29th INCITE Awards winner – CASA – continues to receive WA IT industry recognition


In 2020, the Industry Project of the Year category winner for the 29th INCITE Awards went to TerraVision’s CASA.  CASA (Comms Availability Spatial Analysis) helps mobile network operators and consumers alike better understand the performance metrics of any mobile network or communications infrastructure platform. Since their participation and win with the INCITE Awards, TerraVision and […]

DigiiSocial recognised as a social impact startup of merit with INCITE Awards

Claire Orange

In 2020, a WA startup took out our first ever People’s Choice Awards, was a finalist for the 29th INCITE Awards and unanimously won the hearts of our Pitchfest judges with their digital solution. Of course if you followed last year’s Awards’ journey you might have guessed we are talking about DiGiiSocial! DiGiiSocial is an […]

Take Five with Royal Flying Doctors Services WA


In 2019, the Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Operations (RFSDWO) won the 29th INCITE Awards’ Mal Bryce Tech Company of the Year Award.  We are now really proud to be welcoming RFDSWO back to the INCITE Awards, as a supporting Partner for the 29th Lateral INCITE Awards. Without a doubt many of us would know and […]

WA Innovators Empower Investors & Companies to Align with Sustainable Development Goals

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