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Global Tech & WA’s Role

The last few months have seen a major shift in digital transformations for many workplaces, businesses, organisations, communities and individuals in general.

Kinetic IT has been one of the main organisations in WA and around Australia providing support in this major shift, with cyber security and IT related requirements that enhanced the quick move towards remote working and delivery of services.

As we look into the “new normal” of living in a pandemic and hopefully soon in the future, post-pandemic world, we ask some team members from Kinetic IT for their thoughts on the future of tech globally and how that will impact WA.

What’s going to be the trend in global tech in the next five years?

We talked to Adrian Collins, Principal Consultant, at Kinetic IT for his expert thoughts:

The long-term effects of COVID-19 on our political, economic, business, and social systems will drive a renewed focus on intelligent technologies and innovative platforms that enable companies to be more resilient and dynamic in the face of widescale disruption.  Workforce flexibility, mobility and supply chains will be key technology drivers, as well as how governments and organisations can strengthen local economies amid volatile global conditions.

We will also witness a sharp increase in activity in the cyber security industry.  The proliferation of technology systems will result in a corresponding rapid advancement of cyber-crime, with the increased attack surface being leveraged by threat actors and nation-state adversaries to disrupt and cause significant harm.

Adrian Collins, Principal Consultant

What’s the role of WA’s tech today and into the future?

The opportunity to support digital transformations is massive for us in Western Australia. Greg Johnson, Enterprise Architect at Kinetic IT shares with us what’s happening now that’s exciting and into the future.

We work with some of our communities most important providers, many of which are in different stages of transforming their organisations through the adoption of contemporary ICT and operational technologies.  Its exciting to be part of their growth and witness the benefits they gain – from interacting with their customers and end-users in a more engaging and authentic way, to fundamentally changing their business model, practices and organisational culture to bring greater value to the wider community.

As one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, tech and innovation is crucial to enabling a strong and vital local economy.  Over recent years, Perth has become home to some of the greatest tech and innovation hubs, labs and start-ups, and that’s driving a lot of investment, particularly in the development of local STEM talent, skills and careers.

Greg Johnson, Enterprise Architect

Share your thoughts with us!

What do you think are some of the opportunities we in WA can leverage to support tech today and into the future for businesses, communities and organisations locally and globally?

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