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INCITE Awards Honorary Awards 2020 Nominees & Next Exciting Steps

Every year, the INCITE Awards pay respect and acknowledge the outstanding contribution that local industry entrepreneurs, leaders and tech-based companies make to advance innovation and opportunities for the Western Australian ICT and tech sector. 

INCITE does this through its three peak Honorary Awards of:

In a normal year, the INCITE Committee would present these awards together with all the other product categories. However, in the unprecedented time that is 2020, the Committee decided on postponing the process and announcement of these Honorary Awards until the last quarter of the year. 

As the Committee is close to completing the judging for the Honorary Awards, we are pleased to provide an update on the selection process and share the nominations for each Awards category. 

Honorary Awards Judging Process 

After a close to a twelve week period of open nominations from colleagues, industry peers and leaders in WA’s ICT and Technology sector, we have received a number of entries for the above mentioned awards categories. 

A careful review of each nomination was then conducted by our Chief Judge before the nominations were then provided to a Judging Panel – one was set up for each Awards category – to go through a rigorous judging process. 

Our Judging Panel involved a number of industry and technology leaders carefully viewing all applications against best practice selection criteria over a 2-week period from the beginning of November. 

Once the Judging Panel has agreed and submitted their recommendations, the Chief Judge works with the Chair of each panel to check through any potential conflicts of interest or irregularities in the selection process that might affect the recommendations. 

Judging for each of the Honorary Awards category has now been completed and the INCITE Committee is excited to announce the winners soon. 

Winners’ Announcement 

Winners of the 29th INCITE Honorary Awards in the categories of Pearcey WA Entrepreneur of the Year, Achiever of the Year and Dr Mal Bryce Tech Company of the Year will be announced via our social channels on Wednesday 25 November 2020. 

Make sure you follow one of our channels to get the winners’ announcement news on:

Honorary Awards Nominees

Thank you to our industry peers and sector leaders for their support in nominating WA’s entrepreneurs, achievers and tech companies for the 29th INCITE Honorary Awards. 

There are many dedicated and hardworking contributors within our local ICT and Technology sector who make it possible for our industry to grow and provide social, economic and community benefits. 

We say thank you to them and are proud to announce and showcase this year’s Honorary Awards nominees.

Pearcey WA Entrepreneur of the Year Nominees 

  • Bec Nguyen: Bec is Digital Project Manager with the Health Promotion and Education Research team at Telethon Kids Institute. Since 2015, she has directly contributed to grant and philanthropic funding applications in digital health research with a funding total of over $3.7 million.
  • Zachary Nielsen: Zach is the founder of an innovative disability company Ascend Health Group and the co-founder of Bruno Health. Officially founded in 2020, Bruno Health is a platform and marketplace that allows anyone to access therapy students or therapists on-demand at any time and anywhere (home, office or community setting).
  • Daniel Franco: Daniel Franco co-founded landing naturally in the roles of Product and Strategic Account management. He’s a ninja when it comes to simplifying customer problems and removing unnecessary complications, and always aims to build long term value around ideas he works on, particularly when it comes to shifting City Councils mindset around facility hire and public perception of space.
  • Thomas Goerke: Tom Goerke has over 30 years of experience in ICT and has primarily focused on innovation and commercialisation with new technologies.  Thomas has co-founded the satellite communications service provider THISS Technologies. For the past 15 years Tom has worked for CISCO, leading their  Innovation Centres in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Branden Dekenah: Branden Dekenah is an entrepreneur with passion for growing, developing and supporting technology enterprises. In 2006, he founded Conducive – a Perth IT consultancy – later acquired for over $8M. Today, Branden continues to support and lead WA technology businesses as Managing Director of Interfuze and Non Executive Director of Intelicare (ASX:ICR).
  • Greg Riebe: Greg is a committed and actively engaged member of the ICT community and entrepreneurship space in Perth using his experience and networks to inspire future leaders and by providing insights into the transformative opportunities new technologies present. Greg is a mentor, speaker and adviser and recipient of the 2020 Angel Investor of the Year Award.

Achiever of the Year nominees

  • Bec Nguyen: Bec is Digital Project Manager with the Health Promotion and Education Research team at Telethon Kids Institute. Since 2015, she has directly contributed to grant and philanthropic funding applications in digital health research with a funding total of over $3.7 million.
  • Sue Findlay: Sue has helped more than 50 small businesses and startups market their products better via pro-bono coaching and through her leadership role as the INCITE Awards Chair for the last 6 years. Through her advocacy work, Sue has been able to progress our local innovators to a national level at the iAwards and globally at APICTA. Sue was a recipient of a High Commendation in the WA State Government’s Premier Awards for her achievements in the ICT sector.
  • Dr Bob Cross: Bob has been in the ICT sector for nearly 40 years, leading software development teams for the implementation of some of WA’s largest ICT projects with Datec, IBM and Computer Sciences Corporation. Bob then moved on into the academic world where as the International Director, he established key partnerships for ECU with India, China and SouthEast Asia.
  • John O’Sullivan: John has dedicated his life work to help create and shape the ICT sector in Western Australia. John has been a technology educator, mentor and leader through his time with the ACS. He has also tirelessly promoted and showcased the achievers and achievements of our industry through his work on the WAITTA Awards committees as Treasurer, AV/Multimedia committee member, writer of scripts and production of content for the Annual WAITTA Awards dinner for over 20 years. 

Dr Mal Bryce Tech Company of the Year nominees

  • TerraVision: TerraVision is an industry leader in real-time fleet management tracking, reporting and information systems and delivers solutions to agencies, governments, and commercial industries all around the globe. Their breakthrough software and hardware technologies in the area of communications, telemetry and analytics, set them apart in real-time data acquisition.
  • Airscope: Airscope is a leader in asset digitisation, with a vision of bringing your assets from the field into the boardroom. Using multiple capture techniques, Airscope builds high resolution, 3D digital representations of “as built” large scale commercial infrastructure.
  • MyFiziq: MyFiziq is a mobile phone-based human image capturing system, empowering individuals, in the privacy of their own home, to analyze risks associated with chronic disease through accurate identification of known markers exhibited and identified in the human form. Our mission is to assist individuals, communities, and populations to live better healthier lives.
  • Nuheara: Nuheara is a leading hearables company that has pioneered a new “smart hearing” product category that sits between high-end headsets and sophisticated hearing aids which delivers affordable and accessible hearing devices to the masses. The most recent 3rd generation product IQbuds² MAX has won multiple innovation awards around the world that validates its best in class position as a world’s most advanced hearable.