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Lateral INCITE Awards Invites You To Our 2020 Virtual Pitchfest & Drinks Event

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It’s the INCITE Awards first ever virtual event, where up to 14 entrants for the 2020 Awards will pitch their tech to win prizes and the “Best Pitch” or “People’s Choice” titles. 

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Roll up, roll up!

It’s the INCITE Awards first ever virtual event, where up to 14 entrants for the 2020 Awards will pitch their tech to win prizes and the “Best Pitch” or “People’s Choice” titles. 

Two weeks ago, the Chair of our INCITE Awards, Sue Findlay, shared our plans to turn the 2020 Awards virtual, in light of COVID-19.

We’re excited to now invite you and the world to Lateral INCITE Awards’ first event of 2020 – Pitchfest & Virtual Drinks – a first of its kind virtual event, as we showcase some of WA’s best tech and ICT innovators, from the comfort of your own homes.

So, set your diaries for:

Hosted by the Lateral INCITE Awards – WA’s longest running ICT and Tech Awards program, MC’d by Charlie Gunningham and judged by WA’s leading entrepreneurs, get ready for:

1. A strict one minute pitch describing the technology that has been entered into the 29th Lateral INCITE Awards from 14 of WA’s innovators.

2. An opportunity to vote for your favourite pitches.

3. Feedback session by our experienced panel of judges.

4. Virtual Drinks (aka grab your own drinks and stick around to chat and view more) while being entertained with a special guest from Business News, interviewed by our MC, Charlie Gunningham. Our special guest will talk about “Business Outlook: During and After COVID-19” and answer any questions you might have!

*Watch out for special “virtual” appearances by The Hon Dave Kelly BA MLA (Minister for ICT & Innovation, State Government of Western Australia) and Lateral Australia. 

This event is FREE and open to everyone. So please share it widely with interested colleagues, stakeholders and your family members for an exciting technology pitch battle that can be viewed from the comfort of your own homes!

Register today to get the link to join our Virtual Pitchfest & Drinks!

Our MC and Lead Judge

Our Pitchfest will be MC’d by industry leader, Charlie Gunningham. 


Charlie Gunningham works for the Australian Government on its signature ‘Accelerating Commercialisation’ innovation fund. The fund provides commercialisation advice and matching grants of up to $1M to eligible novel pre-revenue Australian business projects. It’s been one of the largest supporters of early stage innovation in WA. Over the past few years, 25 WA companies have been awarded grants of over $12M.
Landing in Perth in the late 90s, Charlie graduated top of his MBA class at the UWA Business School. He co-founded the online real estate business, which he ran for 10 years before selling to REIWA in 2010, whereupon he ran He joined Business News in 2013 and went on to become CEO, before taking up his current role 3 years ago.


Pitches will be evaluated by a panel of judges: Greg Riebe & Mark Pownall



Greg Riebe

Greg Riebe is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in commerce across a variety of industries. This includes investment management, high technology-based businesses, professional services, mining, retail, insurance and financial services.

Since 2001, Mr Riebe has been the chief executive of his own investment management business – Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR).

EiR focuses on emerging technology-based businesses. Greg works to incorporate investment identification, deal structuring, capitalisation, business development, and exit management.

Greg is an industry leader, with positions in several Australian technology businesses.


Mark-Pownall-BNMark Pownall 

Mark Pownall has around three decades of media experience. Prior to becoming Director of Strategy and Innovation he was CEO of Business News for nearly three years. For most of his time at Business News he ran the content operations of the business and was integral to the implementation of all the company’s digital products – the twice daily email newsletters, weekly podcasts, deals database and BNiQ data warehouse and search engine.

Mark’s career has predominantly been in business media in Perth, with a foray to the financial centre of London.


Kali-NormanKali Norman

Kali is a Senior Manager at Spacecubed, responsible for spearheading Spacecubed’s growth to over 300% across the last 3 years. Kali and her team have worked to support the thriving WA business ecosystem and foster innovation and growth by building a robust and vibrant community in the middle of the Perth CBD, as well as key regional centres.

Kali was also one of the core team for TEDxPerth in WA for over 6 years, bringing local ideas to
a global stage, and supporting the TED mission of exploring the power of ideas to change
attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world.


Prizes will be available for the Best Pitch, the People’s Choice Award and random draw during our Virtual Drinks. Prizes include:

  • Best Pitch Award: Advertising, subscription and sponsorship pack to the value of $1500 (inc GST) with Business News. Advertising in the print edition of Business News and/or on the Business News Daily Email Alerts and/or Business News website, with all content and artwork to be supplied by the Award Winner. Advertising value based on current rate card (no discount applied), is subject to availability and subject to Business News regular terms and conditions. The prize is not transferable to a third party without Business News’s written agreement. Advertising must be booked and used within six months of the prize being awarded. T&Cs here.
  • People’s Choice Award: 2 x full time coworking memberships (or equivalent) for 3 months, which is a value of $3,300. This would include:
    – 24/7 access for 2 staff to Riff or FLUX
    – 10 hours per month of meeting room time (combined)
    – 20% discount on event space (if available)
    – Feature on Plus Eight podcast
    – Access to Spacecubed Community program & events
    – Mentor pairing (if appropriate)
  • Audience spot prizes: 2 x 3 months Pro Licence for GroupMap, valued at $275 each. GroupMap is a realtime online brainstorming tool for conferences.
  • 1 x 1 hour commercialisation consultation with Charlie Gunningham 
  • 1 x 1 hour presentation consultation with Greg Riebe

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