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Local virtual information innovation makes a mark within the WA community

Markr – a WA based tech company that uses augmented reality to create and publish virtual information anywhere in the world – was introduced to many of us at the 20th Lateral INCITE Awards. 

A merit award recipient for the Smarter Communities category, Markr went on to be a WA finalist for the iAwards in 2020.

You can check out some of Markr’s augmented “markers” in locations around Perth iconic locations such as Kings Park and Elizabeth Quay. 

We talk to Ian Sloan – Director of Markr – about his experience as an entrant, finalist and merit winner for the INCITE Awards.

INCITE Awards: Why did you enter the INCITE Awards?

Ian: We wanted to gain exposure in the innovation community for Markr and test our messaging.

INCITE Awards: What were the highlights of being part of INCITE Awards? 

Ian: The awards give you a chance to present your ideas to an informed, interested and sometimes critical audience. This is invaluable when your product includes needing to educate the market.  

Being a Merit award winner of a well known award with national and international credentials builds credibility with investors and potential customers.

INCITE Awards: Why do you think WA innovators should enter the INCITE Awards? 

Ian: Exposing your value proposition to the INCITE judges will give you a constructive steer on how it resonates with informed listeners and the exposure to a wide audience to springboard your product forward.

INCITE Awards: What exciting things are happening for Markr in 2021? 

Ian: Markr is already producing significant enhancements to their geo-publishing platform. This includes a Check-in facility where people can register their attendance at a location without a QR code, the ability to place interactive 3d objects to inform and guide, a 2d version of all the Augmented Reality content for those with older phones and the power to our publishers to configure the layout of their Markrs in any way they like while still converting it to the language of the user’s device.

Find out more about Markr: canva