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Meet our Startup Finalists for the 30th INCITE Awards

Every year, our startup category looks out for outstanding digital innovations by Western Australia-based companies in the start-up phase of development.

This award is open to WA-based companies in the early stage of commercialisation that are high-growth, high-risk ventures that set out to find a scalable business model in a large market.

They have a strong technology component in order to facilitate the ambitions of rapid growth.

This year we have a number of startups that are advancing innovation in a number fields – in health and medicine, in the workplace and in cyber secruity.

Let’s meet our finalists in the startup category for the 30th INCITE Awards!

Startup of the Year

  • Singular Health Pty Ltd – for VRP – a virtual reality platform for clinical application – a medical software for the visualisation, manipulation and transfer of medical imaging data in 3D or virtual reality with scalable technology that offers opportunities in target markets that include education, healthcare and additive manufacturing of medical devices. 
  • Bruno Health Pty Ltd – a community healthcare platform that makes accessing allied health and disability services as easy as messaging a friend.
  • Audioplay Australia Pty Ltd – for Audioplay, a podcast meets audiobook meets creative play; an entirely new immersive multiplayer experience. Kids put on headphones, step into the story and become the characters, playing out the action in real life.
  • Oqea – for their first person-centric wellbeing digital platform to connect consumers, health providers, businesses, family and friends all in one private, safe and secure online place.
  • Frogponds – a cloud based software procurement solution that simplifies the sourcing process through digital automation and streamlined workflow, connecting clients such as schools with suppliers on a simple and anonymous basis. 
  • Grafa – a financial data, news and analysis platform that gives users access to large volumes of information quickly, in a way that’s entertaining and engaging. The platform integrates AI-curated video allowing users to track trends with multi-asset data sets including stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • VeinTech – for VeinWave, an ultraportable handheld device that takes the guesswork out of cannulation by finding and displaying peripheral veins on a screen in real time, in order to reduce first pass cannulation failure rates.
  • Avicena Systems Pty Ltd – for their Avicena Sentinel System – a revolutionary, low-cost and ultra-high throughput molecular screening and testing system, initially targeting the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Functionly – an approachable org design software that democratizes organization design and empowers leaders to easily design their own organisations at 1% of the cost of institutional consulting firms.
  • Hyprfire Pty Ltd – bringing a new approach to cyber security AI by using power laws and behavioural analytics to detect intrusions, malware, and other network anomalies without needing de-encryption, faster, lighter and cheaper than ever before.