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NEC Provides Agile Business Continuity Support for Changing Workspace Requirements

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In light of COVID-19, we are seeing organisations, companies and enterprises having to quickly pivot to comply with Australian Government regulations and importantly, keep their teams safe.

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In less than a month, the way we work and businesses do business has changed dramatically.

In light of COVID-19, we are seeing organisations, companies and enterprises having to quickly pivot to comply with Australian Government regulations and importantly, keep their teams safe.

NEC – an Australian based world class technology solutions and services provider, with over a century of experience in delivering results – recognises that in times of crisis, workspace requirements can change. The NEC team have developed innovative agile solutions to empower employees to work remotely, be productive and engaged.

How is NEC helping businesses work through COVID-19?

NEC have quickly worked to respond to the workforce challenges posed by COVID-19 by implementing the following support services:

  • remote workplaces established quickly;
  • virtual contact centres created in 48 hours;
  • cloud solutions developed to solve complex problems;
  • security solutions to protect data, staff and customers;
  • setting up facial recognition – touchless authentication – as the new way of conducting “Life Transactions.”

In addition,  NEC is providing a number of agile business solutions to make working remotely a success, through the provisions of a number of world class support, including

Provision of conferencing and communications systems for:

  • audio and video conferencing – NEC’s suite of Audio and Video Conferencing options enables up to 100 people from different corners of the globe to connect seamlessly using a single web browser.
  • communications platforms – NEC’s Communication Platforms provide businesses of all sizes and categories with a solution to make them more effective, more nimble and infinitely more connected.
  • desktop & mobile clients – NEC’s range of Desktop and Mobile Client options lets your staff work in a way and at a location that mimics the functionality of their desk phone.
  • CX Plus @Home – move your contact centres home in 48 hours with this system.

Provision of collaboration & productivity tools:

  • Managed Microsoft Application – providing desktop support, helpdesk and other requirements for your Microsoft applications;
  • UC Suite – NEC’s UC Suite delivers an integrated Unified Communications (UC) solution for your UNIVERGE SV9100 that enhances your organisation’s ability to collaborate;
  • Unified Communications for Enterprise – NEC’s Unified Communications for Enterprise (UCE) offers a powerful suite of customisable communication and collaboration tools, and delivers them to multiple endpoints and wireless devices;
  • Workspace as a service – Leveraging its world-leading security and data protection technology, NEC makes possible the concept of a mobile, connected and highly productive workforce.

Safety and security measures:

  • NEC ID – NEC ID is a biometric authentication solution designed to enhance customer experience and security. Fast and flexible, this cloud-based offering enables users to connect across multiple channels including smartphones, PCs, kiosks, tablets and interactive displays
  • NEC iQuarantine – “NEC iQuarantine”, a mobile check-in and case management system has been developed to allow users to report their location and health status up to three times a day from their own homes
  • Security Device Management – NEC’s highly skilled security experts today are actively assisting businesses, government, and enterprises to identify security device weaknesses and vulnerabilities before anyone attempts to exploit them
  • Session Border Controllers – Protection from malicious individuals by offering Denial of Service, fraud & eavesdropping protection.

Consultancy and Advisory support:

  • Business continuity plan – NEC Australia has created a package of templates and information checklists that can help you work through your Business Continuity Plan in a holistic and systematic process.
  • Cyber risk & threat assessment – NEC Cyber Risk and Threat Assessment provides instant visibility on your information environment. Our experts will test your existing security, pin point gaps or vulnerable points within your network and develop a strategy to strengthen your defences.
  • Journey to the Cloud – NEC’s Journey to the Cloud transformation service is conducted across four key stages to help you understand and determine your current state, Cloud requirements and how to get your workloads into the Cloud.
  • Professional services – National ICT staff augmentation business, offering diverse expertise in a variety of engagement types.

NEC’s ability to pivot so quickly to support working remotely have been much appreciated by many businesses, evident by the following positive testimonials by large government agencies that use their extensive services:

  • “It is really reassuring to have the strength of NEC and your teams support both prior to COVID, but in particular assisting in the delivery of some really pressure based outcomes.”
  • This is a brief message to pass on my sincere thanks, on behalf of my team, for NEC’s outstanding support to the State Government during this critical period. We have had many requests, some conflicting, and your team has been incredibly helpful and proactive to ensure our service remains resilient, and that we have sufficient capacity for the increased demands on our network and services.
  • I know this is a challenging and uncertain time for everyone, which means we appreciate even more NEC’s professional, supportive and prompt support of the State. 
  • Morning folks, I know that there is still much to do ahead of us, but I just wanted to thank each and every one of you, and the entire team, for what can only be described as an extraordinary week. I am so impressed with your outstanding responses to shifting priorities and an ever changing landscape, one that is challenging all of us.

More information?

Contact the NEC Team to help you and your company or organisation on the road to safe, secure and productivity business continuity during these challenging times.

More information:

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