Leederville’s Tech Innovators Empower Digital Transformation of Businesses Across The Globe

It’s no secret companies globally are now more than ever trying to cut costs and do more with less. Perth startup TOKN Technology is now providing a solution for global businesses to have a safer more connected workforce that make better decisions and are more productive through a quick and cost effective digital transformation technology.


Clinton Schroeder, co-founder of Leederville-based TOKN Technology, has been working alongside fellow co-founder Kevin Venter and their team of software engineers since 2016 to develop a cloud-based toolset that will help businesses be ready and competitive for the digital revolution. 


“We have heard a lot about how disruptive technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work,” explained Clinton. 


“What we have found in the workplace though is that outdated technologies and processes - known as legacy systems - often hold businesses hostage due to their inability to integrate with modern systems, their difficulty to extract the valuable corporate data within, and their high cost to upgrade or replace.”


For example, Clinton’s company research showed that some businesses spend 25% of their employee’s time on manual admin tasks, and many still rely on paper-based systems.


This meant these businesses are not ready for such disruptive technologies that can potentially reduce their productivity, safety, sales, leading to shut downs or bankruptcy.


“So, we thought, we want to empower businesses from any industry to modernise the way they connect with and manage their information in the digital age. This way, businesses can continue to survive and thrive, contributing to many stabilising social, economic and political benefits,” said Clinton. 


In developing a solution, Clinton and his team realised that many businesses simply can’t afford to replace or upgrade their legacy systems, which can easily cost in excess of $1 million. So, the team decided that their solution needed to allow businesses to keep getting value from those legacy systems while connecting and integrating them together  into a modern workflow.


“This helped us to design TOKN - a cloud based solution that supports integration with a huge variety of legacy systems, bolting onto existing SAP , IFS  MYOB accounting data, and more,” said Clinton. 


“Purchase orders, timesheets, and safety checklists - very important but time consuming administrative work requirements - that were previously paper-based can now be accessed anywhere, anytime online.” 


TOKN’s first trial at an engineering company delivered savings up to 80% on technology implementation costs alone. This success attracted global attention, with resellers signed immediately in New Zealand and the UK. 


The startup’s technology was also recently recognised as the Most Transformative Business Solution at the 28th WAITTA INCITE Awards - WA’s independent and premier awards event for innovation in the IT and Telecommunications industry. 


“Our current solutions are supporting businesses be part of the digital revolution. Our technology is helping businesses move towards a safe, more cost effective and productive environment, setting them up with a good foundation as we hurtle into an even more disruptive world of VR, AI, AR, and robotics,” said Clinton.


“TOKN is fully committed to supporting the rapidly changing nature of our businesses and workforce by constantly innovating solutions which integrate - rather than oppose - digital disruption in our work.”


TOKN is keeping true to its commitment by currently working with local innovators and fellow WAITTA INCITE Awards winner - Davis Wear Plates System - to embed the Internet of Things - a network of internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data - into their technology. 

The startup is also working to build a worldwide ecosystem of technology partners, who will connect businesses around the world with TOKN’s ability to deliver mobile apps and digitise their information management.


Further information on TOKN Technology: https://www.tokntechnology.com 

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