As the professional association and peak body representing Australia’s ICT sector, ACS (Australian Computer Society) delivers authoritative independent knowledge and technology insights, building relevant technology capacity and capability that catalyses Australian innovation and speeds the adoption of technology for the benefit of commerce, government and society.

The ACS has various branches across the Australian state and territories. We took 5 with Darren Roxbourgh – WA State Manager of the ACS – to talk all things ICT.

Tell us what you & your team do at ACS WA Branch

The ACS WA Branch works with its many members on a range of activities and professional development that keeps us all up to date with the fast moving, rapidly changing nature of technology. Some of the things we offer to our members include

  • map career development through the mySFIA skill assessment tool
  • develop and update ICT skills and knowledge with leaders of the industry
  • event networking with peers and possible future employers
  • access to a library of 44,500 digital learning assets
  • partnerships with organisations who would like to take their technology to the next level!

Why does the ACS support the INCITE Awards?

Similar to the INCITE Awards who exist to showcase tech innovation that lives here in Western Australia, we at the ACS (WA Branch), share a common goal to grow and develop the ICT industry in WA.

Where can we find more information on the ACS?

To get in touch with the WA Branch of the ACS, please visit

General background information on the ACS as a national entity and organisation can also be found at