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Social Impact Tech Innovation Finalists making positive changes for our community

The social impact category showcases how technology can be used for good to empower our communities.

This award category recognises an outstanding digital and/or technology solution created in or based in WA that solves pressing social challenges and/or injustices, to deliver:

  • a significant positive change through excellence in social responsibility,
  • improved human dignity and,
  • opportunity, improvement in essential resources and services.   

The solution breaks down barriers to health, education, social impact and/or social justice. It improves sustainability for people, the environment, the protection of human rights and/or ethical sourcing.

In the 2021 Social Impact category, we are seeing technology innovation that’s advancing reconciliation with the Stolen Generation, closing the gap between metro and regional WA, and brain building activities for early years’ children development. 

Let’s meet the Social Impact finalists for the 30th INCITE Awards!

Social Impact 

  • Wise Realities – for their *Feel Better VR program, using the latest virtual reality technology to improve the mental health and wellbeing among Australia’s most vulnerable communities including Indigenous Australians, the autistic community, people with disabilities, dementia patients and senior citizens.
  • Curtin University – for MissionsConnect – the first immersive technological tool of its kind in Australia that will aid in education, truth-telling and reconciliation. 
  • Lyfe Languages – for their Lyfe Languages Project, delivering a youth/ community-driven, digitally enabled, nationally/ internationally connected platform to translate medical terminology into Indigenous languages.
  • Telethon Kids Institute and Reach HPI – for Beacon – a free cyber safety app designed to give parents and carers trusted, tailored information needed to confidently navigate their children’s digital world. 
  • Telethon Kids Institute and Reach HPI – for The Bright Tomorrows app, giving parents and carers brain building activities and support to give children the best start. 
  • What the Doctor Said – a web-based solution allowing patients to receive personalised, mobile-accessible discharge instructions so everyone knows exactly What the Doctor Said.
  • Scitech – for The Earth Matters: Rethink the Future exhibition. Using the latest technology, Earth Matters pushes the boundaries of hands-on digital exhibits, including an immersive Banksia Woodland, pedal-powered Microgrid Playground, interactive Coral Reef and a playful Water pump.
  • Airborne IT – through partnerships with WA’s leading IT organisations and Government agencies, Airborne IT’s innovative AeroIT service is closing the gap in access to technology and increasing equality in service between metro and remote communities.
  • Vix Technology – for their automated Vix Pulse fare collection platform that enables transit agencies to provide a seamless customer experience, whilst reducing overall operating costs.
  • Edith Cowan University – their HAND-DEX dexterity solution, a Virtual Reality program that simulates an individual’s hand movements in order to allow people recovering from hand injury, arthritis, and other movement issues to interact with a dexterity exercise program in their own home and in their own time.