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On using your super powers for good with INCITE Ambassador Sam Cross

Sam Cross is the Director, PMO, at the Office of Digital Government and one of our INCITE Ambassadors.

The Office of Digital Government (DGov) is a discrete business unit within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

DGov is leading the digital transformation of the WA public sector to support agencies in improving service delivery to the community.

DGov works with agencies to support their digital transformation and create a connected public sector. This includes providing more convenient access to government services online, and not disadvantaging those who cannot or do not want to use digital services. 

They do this by:

  • assisting State Government agencies grow their cyber security capability and maturity.
  • providing a convenient entry point to Western Australian Government online services and information.
  • building data sharing and analytics capabilities within the public sector to underpin good policy development and better targeted service delivery.
  • reforming Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure within the public sector by providing the network, cloud and security foundations required.
  • working to ensure that Western Australians and their communities can confidently and safely enjoy the opportunities and benefits of digital technologies in their everyday lives.

We talk Sam about her passion and interest in the digital space.

Question: Why are you interested in supporting and showcasing WA technology and innovation?

Sam: Being one of the most isolated areas in the world, the Western Australia community has a unique perspective on how to solve wicked problems of the world and it’s my pleasure to help showcase these wondrous technological innovations to the rest of the nation.

Question: What future goals would you like to see when it comes to WA technology?

Sam: I would like to see the technology sector as the foundation of the building a successful and sustainable future for Western Australia.

Question: Why did you decide to become an INCITE Ambassador?

Sam: It is a fabulous opportunity to give back to a community that has given me so much over the years 🙂

Question: What advice have you got for any of our local innovators looking to start something or grow their innovation?


“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them in the impossible.” 

– Arthur C. Clarke

It can be a long hard road to discover true innovation. Keep going, and always use your super powers for good!

Thank you Sam for your support for the INCITE Awards and for your work in creating a digitally safe and inclusive WA community.