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Tech Innovation is powering businesses across various sectors and industries

The Transformative Solutions award category recognises and celebrates an outstanding transformative digital and/or technological solution created or based in WA, that’s transforming processes, culture, customer experience and/or business solutions.

The solution supports smarter processes in an innovative and collaborative manner, delivering and transforming organisations with high levels of productivity and competitiveness. 

Within the business sector, mining giants BHP and Rio are increasing safety in the workfield and productivity improvements through a maintenance safety dashboard and driverless train technology. The WA mental health, wellbeing, real estate and manufacturing sectors are also seeing digital innovation to connect communities, deliver efficiencies and improvements to the way we work.

Let’s meet the finalists for the 30th INCITE Awards in the category of Transformative Solutions.

Transformative Solution

  • Cellr Pty Ltd– for their connected packaging solution that enables brands to gain frictionless connectivity to today’s consumers. The tech enabled wine lids and labels (and QR Codes) combined with a custom software platform provides wine producers unprecedented visibility from the bottling line to consumer.
  • Rio Tinto – for The AutoHaul® system – the first fully automated long distance heavy-haul railway in the world. 2.5km long trains travel autonomously on Rio Tinto’s rail network, without a driver on board.
  • Oqea – for their first person-centric wellbeing digital platform to connect consumers, health providers, businesses, family and friends all in one private, safe and secure online place.
  • RaptorTech– for Raptor Core, enabling communication between any model or make of machine and providing the right data to enable customers to make the right decisions for their assets.
  • Suitsme and Reach HPI – a new, mobile-first platform for connecting mental health support workers and NDIS consumers. Suitsme is about choice and control. It’s about transforming mental health support.
  • Avicena Systems Pty Ltd – for their Avicena Sentinel System – a revolutionary, low-cost and ultra-high throughput molecular screening and testing system, initially targeting the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Futocon Pty Ltd – for their Realtime Conveyancer – the first Australian end-to-end transaction management system to digitise the property settlement process, from contract to keys.
  • Pentanet – Using cutting edge technology, Pentanet will create an innovative wireless mesh for Perth which eliminates constraints of traditional wireless networks and delivers faster internet speeds with lower latency.
  • COREIOT – for their Visible Machines – a tool for business managers to monitor the real-time utilisation of their equipment, fleet. The simple plug and play nature of the solution makes it affordable, easy to deploy, on any type of equipment.