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The future of tech & innovation in WA with Kinetic IT

Kinetic IT

Since 1995, Kinetic IT has become a leading enterprise solution provider,
servicing large and complex environments across industry sectors including government, corporate, resources and utilities.

So when we started thinking about the future of technology and innovation in WA, we thought we’d head to the experienced team at Kinetic IT to give us some expert insights.

What’s the vision for tech & innovation in WA?

In asking this question, Aran Collins, Director, Strategic Alliances and Customer Success at Kinetic IT, had this to share:

Our vision is to continue to build a healthy and successful technology sector for WA that services its own needs locally, nationally, and positions ourselves as a leader in the global arena.  We believe in WA’s incredible talent, which when coupled with growing local investment, a strong education system and world-class industry, will result in a sustainable, thriving and vibrant tech community benefiting all Australians.

Aran Collins, Director, Strategic Alliances and Customer Success, Kinetic IT

What is needed to achieve this vision

A thriving and vibrant tech community in WA that benefits all Australians need support.

What does that support look like? Ant Erikson, Manager, Learning, Strategic Workforce Planning at Kinetic IT, shares his thoughts with us:

It is safe to say that everyone would benefit when there is a healthy digital ecosystem in WA.  That ecosystem comprises people and capability, ground-breaking small and medium technology organisations, and reliable, globally-competitive enterprises.

Tech is increasingly ubiquitous, so to see WA’s digital standing grow, digital and data literacy is a must-have across everyone – from the youth, the workforce, and those directly involved in digital enterprises.  

Quality ‘digital’ education comprising 21st Century Skills as well as market-driven product and technical ability is key to WA being able to compete, but this talent pool must be able support to apply and practice their capabilities.

A supportive environment for small-and-medium businesses to be able to secure funding, access the capability and connect to the global market will improve WA’s tech standing, reach and progress in the service economy. Increases in funding, supported by incubator/mentoring resources to mature SMBs and a government partnering and procurement programme that favours local content will provide opportunity.

WA boasts a capable workforce, excellent environment and lower cost of operations than other large Australian capital cities.  Beyond growing and supporting SMBs, improvements to state and international market competitiveness could position WA as an enterprise services hub for Australia, as the gateway to South-East Asia, and as an English-language partnering centre of excellence for global operations.

Ant Erikson, Manager, Learning, Strategic Workforce Planning at Kinetic IT,

Share with us your thoughts?

What else would you like to see happen with tech and innovation in WA? Share with us your thoughts below.